Bio - Tommy Rodgers Photography


Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Tommy's diverse interests and insatiable curiosity has led to an unusually rich and adventurous life style. The early years included service in the United States Navy followed by satisfying period as a commercial pilot flying small single and multiengine airplanes for different business organizations. Family economics nudged Tommy toward a regional paint manufacturer where he advanced through several positions finally becoming the president and owner. When the company was purchased by a national competitor, Tommy, only 49, enrolled in college, where he earned an undergraduate degree, and then, continued his education with a law degree. While practicing law, Tommy studied the culinary arts at Ecole de Cuisine La Varene at the Chateau du Fey in Burgundy, France, and at the Culinary Institute of American in Napa, California. Later, while residing in Washington, D.C., Tommy earned a master's degree in history with concentrations in United States military history and United States nineteenth century history.

Tommy's photographic journey began in the late 1950s when a young sailor won a camera in a poker game on Midway Island. Some of his earliest images are of shipmates, airplanes, and gooney birds. For military personnel outside of the United States, film was inexpensive and included processing. No one thought anything about the weeks it took Kodak to return the prints. Perhaps the most rewarding part of photography, in those days, was working in the dark room. There was something very satisfying about watching the image appear in the developing tray while surrounded by the photographic chemicals. As family and career demands increased, Tommy's photography evolved into primarily family and vacation photos until 2010 when a chance encounter with a photographer at a cooking class thrust his dormant photographic curiosity into the digital age and DSL cameras. Since that time, Tommy  has pursued photography with the passion that has always influenced his endeavors. Studying with many of the principal professional wild life photographers in the United States and Canada has aided Tommy in advancing is photographic knowledge and skill. Yet, Tommy admits there much to learn, and he has just begun the journey. By sharing his images on his web site, he hopes others will be inspired to begin or continue the same journey.
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